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Handmade soap-  I make my soap from scratch using high quality, skin loving oils that are known for nourishing the skin without any unnecessary chemicals.  Each ingredient lends a quality to the soaps. They are available in both essential oils and in high quality, Phthalate free fragrance oils.  The result is a gentle, quick rinsing, long lasting soap with lots of lather.

Candles- I make both beeswax and soy candles.  Both are clean burning waxes.  Beeswax, however, goes above and beyond by ionizing the air, causing dust particles to drop out of the air.

Honey- The great thing about where I am is that there is very little farming by me.  That means my bees are not exposed to anything I don't know about.  My bees forage on wildflowers, trees and my gardens to produce a really nice mellow tasting honey.


Honey Jam- My fruit jams are sweetened with honey rather than table sugar.  I start with a low sugar recipe and have modified the recipe to take honey instead. My jam is a whole fruit jam so it tends to resemble a fruit spread or preserves more than a typical jam.


All of my vegetables are grown without sprays or herbicides.  The seeds I plant are non GMO. I love to use heirloom varieties whenever possible. 


Salsa- I use a wide variety of peppers, onions and heirloom tomatoes to create a salsa with a lot of flavor and just the right amount of heat. 


Dilly beans and Pickles- Just like grandma used to make.  Sweet, hot and dill

I have a few other vegetables I process that will be available seasonally.

Wreaths, roping and other Christmas decor- I make a variety of balsam and Fraser fir custom, handmade products to give a warm festive feel to your home or business.

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